Sunday, February 24, 2013

You won't bring Me down, I got My feet on solid Ground.

So, basically I can't's like 4:20 (hahah! xD) and I have been up sense 7-ish. 
Really this isn't good. I have THINGS TO DO! But I just waste away watching TV and YouTube...checking Facebook like something interesting Actually happened. -.- 
Which, in cause you were wondering....never does! 
I have done somethings though. ^-^ 
Other then wasting away till I realized it was 12 a.m.
I made a little 
that has such a beautiful phrase form such a beautiful man. 
It is also my title.
I just like LOOOOVE it so much. <3 
I don't know why...but it looks cool to. 
I would take a picture but I'm lazy, so that equals no. :b  
I did also redo my room. 
Moved things around and clean up my closest and other things just a little. 
Which all leads back to the fact that I sat on YouTube all day for like the past two weeks. Watching....Guru videos...Just, it's hard. But one of my dirty little secrets.
So, shh...

**Sail on -- Cap'nSyd**

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