Monday, December 31, 2012

365 More Pages

So, in just a handful of more hours it's going to be 2013. Lucky us the world didn't even. (: But I have to say this has been some year with a hella lot of ups and downs. From boys, to school, to family, to well a bunch of first.

I have to say though, I made mistakes here and there but all those mistakes made me who I am. Right now before you. And I am so glad of that person I am right now. I wouldn't change anything that happened to be in 2012.

Now as 2013 comes I have 365 days a write a story I have never seen or live before. To dream, imagine and get lost a thousand times along the way. I can't to see what I brings. I honestly have little things I would like to change but everyone does. I just can wait to see how this year changes me.

My resolution would probably be along the lines of staying who I am. Keep fighting for what I believe in and never give up on myself.

What's your resolution? What do you wanna be remembered for this year?

**Stay Stong - Never Sink** Cap'nSyd

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