Friday, December 28, 2012

Getting To Know ME!!!!

1) Are you really ready for these questions?
Why not?
2) Was your last real relationship a mistake?
3) Do you miss your last relationship?
Nope, never
4) Who did you last say “I love you” to?
5) Do you regret it?
6) Have you ever been depressed?
Not medically
7) Are you a boy or girl?
Niether, haha, jk, imma girl
8) Are you insecure? 
9) What is your relationship status?
10) How do you want to die?
Doing something stupid....
11) What did you last eat?
Chicken :P
12) What sports have you played before?
13) Do you bite your nails?
14) When was your last physical fight?
Me? Fight?
15) Do you have an attitude?
Oh yeah
16) Do you like someone?
:) Yesssss
17) What is your real name?
Mary Leigh Reglin
18) Ever smoked or drinked?
I have drank... A little
19) Are you gonna get high later?
20) Do you hate anyone at the moment?
21) Do you miss someone?
So badly...
22) Twirl or cut your spaghetti?
23) Do you tan a lot?
Shut up
24) Have any pets?
My kitty-cat, Fred
25) How exactly are you feeling?
Sleepy, happy, excited, lame
26) Ever eaten food in a car while someone or yourself is driving?
27) Ever made out in the bathroom?
Not yet
28) Would you take any of your exes back?
29) Are you scared of spiders?
Only the really big ones
30) Would you go back in time if you were given the chance?
31) Do you regret anything from your past?
I guess
32) What are your plans for this weekend?
Party like it's 1999
33) Do you want to have kids?
2 or so
34) Did you ever kiss someone whose name starts with an M?
35) Do you type fast?
kinda sorta not really
36) Do you have piercings? How many?
yes, 1 in each ear
37) Want any more?
yeah, but just in the ears
38) Can you spell well?
39) Do you miss anyone from your past?
40) What are you craving right now?
Nothing :P
41) Ever been to a bonfire party?
Yeah, I love them :P
43) Have you ever been on a horse?
44) Kissed someone in a pick up truck?
Mhmmm :)
45) Have you ever broken someone’s heart?
Yeah, but I don't regret it.
46) Have you ever been cheated on?
47) Have you made a boyfriend/girlfriend cry?
Yeah, but it was worth it
48) Are you thinking of someone right now?
49) Would you live with someone without marrying them?
Yeah, i guess
50) What should you be doing?
51) What’s irritating you right now?
my emotions, cold feet and lack of sleep
52) Have you ever liked someone so much that it hurts?
Are you kidding, it physically hurts.
53) Does somebody love you?
? I hope so
54) What is your favorite color?
55) Have you ever changed clothes in a vehicle?
Pants all the time
56) Milk chocolate or white chocolate?
57) Do you have trust issues?
58) Mom's name?
59) Dad's name?
60) Do you have a good relationship with your parents?
61) Longest relationship?
62) Do you believe your most recent ex thinks about you?
63) Who was the last person you cried in front of?
Ashley? I don't cry in front of many people
64) Do you give out second chances too easily?
65) Is it easier to forgive or forget?
66) Is this year the best year of your life?
It was the weirdest
67) What was your child hood nickname?
Red :P
68) Have you ever walked outside completely naked?
69) Favorite food?
Pizza, chinese, green bean casserole, bananas and taco salad
70) Do you believe everything happens for a reason?
71) What is the last thing you did before you went to bed last night?
Took off my glasses
72) Did you have a dream last night?
I don't think so
73) What is bothering you?
? i dunno
74) Have you ever been out of state?
All the time
75) Do you play the Wii?
not often
76) Are you listening to music right now?
77) Do you like Chinese food?
OMG yes
78) Do you know your fathers birthday?
79) Are you afraid of the dark?
No, its nice
80) Is cheating ever okay?
81) Are you mean?
Imma beeotch
82) Can you keep white shoes clean?
haha nooooooooooooo
83) How many people have you fist fought?
No one i'm deff not violent
84) Do you believe in true love?
:P Yeah
85) Favorite weather?
86) Do you like the snow?
87) Does it snow a lot where you live?
yeah, but you can't tell
88) Do you like the outside?
89) Are you currently bored?
90) Do you wanna get married?
91) Is it cute when a boy/girl calls you baby?
92) Are you hungry?
no, not at all
93) Have you ever made out for more than a half hour straight?
No, I don't have that much patience
94) What makes you happy?
:P Sleep
95) Would you change your name?
96) Ever been to Alaska?
97) Ever been to Hawaii?
98) Do you watch the news?
When its on
99) What’ s your zodiac sign?
100 Your best friend of the opposite sex likes you, what do you do?
101) Have you ever seen someone you knew & purposely avoided them?
I did it today in the mall
102) Do you have a friend of the opposite sex who you can act your complete self around?
103) Does it matter if your boyfriend/girlfriend smokes?
Not really
-XOXO Marebear <3

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